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As with any equipment, regular maintenance is the best means to insure that your Fire extinguisher will operate safely and most effectively in the event of a fire. The NFPA standards, which form the basis of most fire codes, state, "Fire extinguishers are mechanical devices. They need care and maintenance at periodic intervals to ensure they are ready to operate properly and safely. Parts and internal chemicals can deteriorate in time and need replacement. They are pressure vessels, in most cases, and so need to be handled with care". (NFPA 10 A-1-2)

The NFPA also goes on to say, " The owner or occupant of a property in which fire extinguishers are located has an obligation for the care and use of these extinguishers at all times. To discharge this obligation, the owner or occupant should give proper attention to the inspection, maintenance, and recharging of this fire protective equipment".

The NFPA and extinguisher manufacturers suggest a monthly inspection which can be preformed by the owner or designated staff. This is a "Quick Check" to ensure the unit is indeed located where it should be, visible and unobstructed, all parts present and in good condition and the pressure gauge (if there is one) showing normal pressure.

Extinguishers also require an annual maintenance by a qualified service company this is a more comprehensive inspection with replacement of damaged or missing part, weighing, hydrotesting if required and other specialized procedures depending on the type of extinguisher. The service company will affix a tag to the unit with their name and phone numbers and service dates indicated in writing or by hole punch. (See typical Inspection Tag below).

Sentinel Fire and Safety staff would be pleased to quote on your service requirements or answer your questions. Call or fill out our inquiry form and we will provide you with a direct response to your questions.

Should your extinguishers require off premise servicing, we will provide loaner units of at least equal size to ensure continuity of protection.


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