Fire & Safety Equipment

Sales and leasing

Sentinel Fire and Safety Equipment offers for sale a full range of Amerex and Flag brand fire extinguishers in regular (BC) and multi-purpose (ABC) dry chemical units as well as pressurized water, carbon dioxide, specialized kitchen (Class K) and Halon alternative type.

All of these extinguishers are available as well for lease. Our annually renewable leases include all required servicing, an insurance provision against theft or vandalism to the extinguisher, immediate replacement if discharged as well as many other benefits.

We also carry an inventory of reconditioned extinguishers, all fully serviced and with current inspections. These are most commonly purchased for placement in shops or garages or on work vehicles or boats where reliability is more important than appearance. These units are a good value at about one half of the cost of a comparable new unit.

Please call or fill out our inquiry form for further information or for a quote on equipment purchases or leases.


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