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The National Fire Protection Association states in Part 10 A-1-2 (1998):

" The owner or occupant of a property in which fire extinguishers are located has an obligation for the care and use of these extinguishers at all times.

To discharge this obligation the owner or occupant should train personnel in the correct use of fire extinguishers on the different types of fires that could occur on the property."

It is a significant first step towards fire safety to obtain , install and maintain fire extinguishers at business or public premises, or in private residences. However they may be of limited value without some level of understanding how to safely and effectively use them.

Sentinel Fire and Safety Equipment offers a Fire Extinguisher /Fire Safety Program tailored to meet the needs of almost any group or organization. To date our course has been offered to fire departments, Indian Bands, resort staff, daycare employees and parents, Credit Union Employees, fisherman, public groups and a variety of other businesses.

Course contents can include topics such as fire theory, principles of extinguishment, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, types and use of fire extinguishers, home and workplace fire safety, and various other subjects dependant on the needs and wishes of the group. Presentation is in an informal lecture format supplemented with overheads and short videos and includes an opportunity, for those who wish to try, putting out a live fire in a burn pan or a kitchen stove mockup.

The presentation takes between 2 to 2.5 hours and in most cases can take place at a location convenient to the group.

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